Business cards to share and collect. Connect for a live contact book!

Looking for the best way to exchange live and digital contact information?

Discover the convenience of PRI-NET, the app that allows you to share your contact information, both private and business, in no time and always keep it up-to-date in real time. No more business cards and outdated contact information or address books with old addresses crossed out. Download the PRI-NET app now and start to convenient share and exchange contact information.

Private Network SHARE online digital business cards

    Your benefits with the PRI-NET app

  • Your digital business cards are always available and easy to share
  • Your contacts in the app and accessible from any device

  • Use your web link in your email signature and reduce (reply) signature
  • Contact cards can be used, on your way with just a click via Google Maps

  • UP-TO-DATE contact details of connections without effort
  • More contact details of your connections available without effort
  • Central place to share links of where you are active on the internet
QR code to share your own digital business card

Quick and easy sharing via QR CODE or link

The PRI-NET app automatically generates a link and a QR code to your digital business card. Let your unique QR code be scanned or share the link via email, WhatsApp, Social Media with all your contacts in a flash.

Manage REAL-TIME contact information in one place

The unique PRI-NET app allows you to manage all your business and / or private contact information live and in real time. In this way, it is finally possible to have your complete network, up-to-date, available in one central place.

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