PRI-NET Data policy

With the registration of a new account on PRI-NET we collect the personal information of the user. In no way, except the police/by law or to your wishes, we will send personal information to third parties. 

When you give permission to connect with accounts of you with other websites, then will we collect only your information which is allowed to share.  

When you use our services we can receive information from your devices. Like users identification, users settings, network provider, system information and user information in relation to the use of our services. 
To let you use our services we need access to and make use of your phone number and contacts like names, addresses, mails and phone numbers. 

When you will visit our website, we collect also information which your internet browser send to us. Like IP(internet protocol) address, browser, visited sites, URL (web page addresses) and other information in relation to our services. 

The information what we collect has no other purpose then the use for the services we provide to you. Only you can use your information of yourself or your contacts to use for other purposes. We will use information to improve our services. 

As mentioned: only by law or when we believe it is necessary we will provide information to the police. 

When PRI-NET would be bought by someone else, the information will come in other hands. Herewith the pronounced privacy policy will be maintained.


When you have any question regarding to PRI-NET and your privacy, please send us an e-mail to: