Connect to contacts and groups

Two column panel

To realize new connections you need to use the ADD chapter or click the add icon + on top of the PRI-NET app.

With ADD you have five options:

  1. Create new contact > just make a new static contact for in your PRI-NET list
  2. Connect with a PRI-NET contact > search for new existing PRI-NET contacts to connect with you 
  3. Create new group > make you own group 
  4. Connect with PRI-NET group > search an existing group and ask to join them 
  5. Import VCard > when you saved contacts in VCard document you can upload these contacts

When your request to connect with another PRI-NET contact is accepted, the new connection will be visible in the PRI-NET contact list. Now you have always access to the information of that person what he or she gives you access to.

Aswell with the groups when your request to join is accepted. The group will be visible in the PRI-NET contact list. You can also see the groups information and the cards of the members of the group which gave access to their cards for group members.