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Straight with existing contacts
Share your cards or cards of other contacts straight with existing contacts.
You can open the icon on the right side of the box where you can fill in an email or phone number. The PRI-NET contact list and the contact list of your current device will open.

PRI-NET in a nutshell

PRI-NET is "the" app to manage your contacts and digital (business) cards in the cloud, access & share them anywhere on any device.


Create and publish digital (business) cards and share them easily with anyone. Your PRI-NET contact cards can contain lots of information like phone-numbers, email addresses, social media, address data, web links and more.
Extend your digital (business) cards with logos, avatars and other photos to make them look attractive.


Easily share your contact information with friends, relatives and your business network. For example give your business connections access to your live contact data so they can always reach you even when your contact information has been changed. Share your contact cards on the road with PRI-NET: the times that you forgot to bring your (paper) business cards when you need them are over!


Connect with other PRI-NET members and share your contact data in real-time: all contact data in your network is always up-to date whoever changes his contact information! With PRI-NET you can also create groups (representing companies, clubs, foundations, etc.) and connect to groups and share live contact data among its group members.


Use digital business cards to market your company or yourself. Publish your business card(s) online so anyone can find you in the cloud; create links to your business pages (link-building); publish photos of your business and products on your cards (presentation); Print your digital card's QR-code on your paper (if you still need one!) business card, your car or your office building.


Control who can access your (business) cards and contact information in real-time. For example share your private (e.g. home) cards with family and friends in your private network and publish your business cards on the internet for marketing purposes.


Securely store your contacts in the cloud where they are backed-up all the time. Did you loose your phone and your contacts with it? With PRI-NET you just install or access the app on another phone (any brand) and continue with your business as usual!


Access your contacts on any device anytime and anyplace, all your devices always have the latest contact information available. Download the app and use your PRI-NET contacts next to your phone contacts, import & export PRI-NET contacts to and from your phone.

PRI-NET App photos

Add contacts
Share contacts and contact information
Contact card

Beste vrienden en kennissen,

Bij deze wil ik melden dat mijn app PRI-NET gereed is voor gebruik. De app is voor Apple devices en Android te downloaden.

Natuurlijk hoop ik dat PRI-NET een succes wordt en dat jij een promotor wordt van de app, maar de app is voor de gebruiker gemaakt en dus voor jou.
Het is dan ook van groot belang dat je de meerwaarde inziet van de app. Enige knowhow is dan ook hieronder te vinden.
Ik wil jou verzoeken dit door te nemen