Curious about the possibilities of this application? Watch this video. If you want to join immediately, download the PRI-NET app below.

Private Network

With the PRI-NET app you can easily share your digital business / contact card. Whenever, wherever and with everybody you want. By smartphone, tablet or computer; PRI-NET is available for every device.
Besides easily sharing your contact cards, you can also build up your business- and personal network. In contrast with familiar known Social Media, only you have insight in your own network. Contact cards are always up-to-date, because PRI-NET operates in the cloud.

UNIQUE: Personal (private and business) information can be shown and shared securedly in the PRI-NET app. You can decide to put infomation partly public in the app to share it in every possible way or for commercial purposes. In this way the PRI-NET app gives you the possibility to build your complete on-line Private Network.

Private network
PRI-NET business card in phone


The PRI-NET app is instantly useful for having your own digital contact card to share. It is easy to share by the following methods:
•      Directly from the app by SMS, via Whatsapp or Social Media.
•      Via NFC contactless phone to phone (Android).
•      Send your digital card straight from the app by mail .
•      Send your digital card to another PRI-NET member.
•      You will have your own weblink and QR-code to share.
You will find these possibilities when you click on the 'share' icon in the app. If you connect with another PRI-NET member you can choose for yourself which card(s) you share realtime with every separate connection.

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Advantages PRI-NET app

    • All contact cards available at your phone
    • Your complete business and private network on-line
    • No paper needed anymore
    • Information is ready for digital use
    • Information can be easily adjusted
    • Contact information is always up-to-date and within reach
    • Available and safe at every device
    • In control of sharing your own real time information
    • Low memory space needed (2 pictures)
    • Off-line use
    • Environmentally sustainable

    Disadvantages physical contact cards

    • Impossible to make a connection between cards
    • Cards are lying around in your desk drawer
    • You need to have your own cards with you to share
    • Information can't be adjust, only by pen
    • Information needs to be entered in a device to use
    • You need to have multiple cards with you to share
    • Limited space to put information on
    • Information does not stay up-to-date
    • Unnecessary use of paper
    • Not environmentally sustainable


    For any question regarding to this app, mail to: