Private Network

You have connections within LinkedIn and Facebook. But what if you want to share your digital contact information?
PRI-NET is in this field the perfect compliment to your digital world.

With PRI-NET you keep your own information up-to-date in the cloud and you can provide access

The app to share digital business cards
Discover yourself all advantages this app will have for you! Functional for one person.

Private network


Curious about the possibilities of this application? Watch the introduction video and the preview video.

If you want to join immediately, download the app.


If you would like to see how it works, watch this preview video. The most important parts will be shown which will give you a clear view of how the PRI-NET app works.

Your own QR code
With iOS11 your iPhone camera works as QR code reader. Give it a try!

PRI-NET business card in phone


The PRI-NET app is instantly useful for having your own digital contact card to share. It is easy to share by the following methods from the app:

  • In Whatsapp or Social Media
  • Via NFC contactless
  • Let another scan your QR-code (with Iphone camera iOS11)
  • Your own weblink
  • By Mail
  • To another PRI-NET member: static or live

You will find these possibilities when you click on the 'share' icon in the app. If you connect with another PRI-NET member you can choose for yourself which card(s) you share realtime with every separate connection.

Upgrade your mail signature: example and explanation


Your new mail signature

Best regards,
Nick Americo
Financial advisor

Advantages PRI-NET app

  • Contact cards easily shared in every digital way
  • All contact cards at your phone
  • Eas to share more information

Show what you're doing online. Provide also links at your cards.

  • All information is ready for digital use
  • In control of sharing your own real time information
  • Information can be easily adjusted

New job? Your new information is immediately available to all your (business) connections.
Have you moved or do you have a new email address? The changes can be easily adjusted.

  • Your complete business and private network on-line
  • Eas to share business and/or private information

You can easily provide business information to your innercircle and private information to close colleagues.

  • Contact information is always up-to-date and within reach

Looking for contact information of a business contact in your mail isn't needed anymore.
Send a present or card to family and friends? In the app you have the current addresses.

  • Available at every device and safe
  • Low memory space needed (2 pictures)
  • Off-line use
  • No paper needed anymore > Environmentally sustainable


For any question regarding to this app, mail to: