Introduction PRI-NET app


With this PRI-NET app you can create and if you want publish your digital (business) contact cards and share them easily with anyone.

You can share your cards realtime with PRI-NET connections. Keep your real time information and provided access for your connections in your own control.
The app is for business and private use together and separate.

  • Always your digital contact cards available to share easily in many ways to new contacts or all available contacts
  • All contact information of your connections up-to-date without any effort
  • All connections reachable with every device on the internet
  • Make (work)groups to share your business cards and give insight in the group members for the group members


  • Your device contacts and PRI-NET contacts available next to each other
  • You can make four different cards for free
  • Decide yourself which cards you share realtime with each of your connections separately
  • Possibility to publish a specific card on the internet for publicity
  • Share the link to your published card easily at many platforms